Kratom Dosage Tips

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro in using kratom. The first thing you should give more importance when you are consuming kratom is the dosage. There are good possibilities that beginners will not have much of an idea about the right dosage and the people who are already taking kratom might want to push their limits at times. Before anyone indulging in their own experiments, it is safe to know the truth behind the kratom dosage.

Why is kratom dosage important?

Many have this negative thought that kratom is very bad for health. People need to understand the fact that it is not just kratom; anything that is consumed more is definitely going to affect your health. “Too much of anything is good for nothing.”

Having a clear idea about the dosage will definitely help you in a lot of ways. The first and most important thing is that you will not have any health complications.  The second thing is that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of kratom to the fullest.

For the new kids in the block

For people who are beginning to use kratom the quality of Kratom and the dosage are the two important things that you need to consider. It is because you really don’t want to have a bad experience in the beginning.  The truth is that there is no particular dose that can be prescribed to anyone. The human body is different from one another, and all will have different acceptance levels. There are possibilities that your body will be able to accept good amounts of kratom intake but to avoid risks, it is better to take baby steps. According to one of the best vendors something less than 2mg will be perfect. According to experts for beginners to consume the right dosage, it is better to start with kratom capsules rather than using kratom powder.

Dosage for pros

One of the common mistakes that people do, when consuming kratom is that they tend to gradually increase the dosage as it renders a feel of comfortability. This is how people get addicted. Hence for people who have been consuming kratom in any form for a long time, it is necessary to stop at a point.

To prevent yourself from getting addicted it will be better if you can give a long gap between two consecutive intakes. For example, rather than taking kratom on a daily basis, it is better to consume twice or a maximum of trice in a week. Make sure that you do not exceed 6mg per intake. It is important that you do not let your mind and body become so dependent on it.


Getting used to a good feel and restricting it is not an easy task to pull by any human being. But you should understand the fact that even if it feels good, it is better to restrict at a certain point and stick on to safe levels. This not just applies to kratom, it can be applied for anything.

Post Author: Corey Carroll