“Are You Having Trouble Getting Pregnant?
It could be something VERY simple that
YOU are NOT doing....

"Would You Like to Improve of Your Fertility?......."

A desire to become a parent is one of the most natural, hard wired emotions we have. Trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully can be extremely heart breaking and frustrating. I understand this because I speak to people every day who are in this position, each with different circumstances, but sharing the same desire, to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child.


Mother and Baby

Dear Reader,

My name is Ben Haugh and I’m a Physician of Chinese Medicine.

My knowledge isn’t just based on an individual story or research I’ve read, its developed from seeing and helping couples from all kinds of situations and guiding them to address their own unique issues as individuals.

Through my clinical experience in
Treating Fertility Issues, I Discovered

Even people that have been told they can’t get pregnant CAN

Even serious Western Medical ‘conditions’ such as endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids can disappear

Poor sperm results can be corrected within months

Past IVF attempts and miscarriages do not equal the success of future pregnancies

Women into their late 40s can still have healthy natural pregnancies

When I first started in private practice, treating fertility issues came with a lot of pressure, as with each menstrual period came disappointment and a further sense of urgency to help deliver the outcome that my patients desired.

Don’t get me wrong, I could see positive changes both physically and mentally, more importantly, so could they. However, understandably it was black or white, yet another period…. or pregnancy. That was the bottom line.

My patients were getting pregnant but in many cases I felt like too many cycles went by before this happened. I wanted to help people get pregnant faster and avoid too many ‘disappointing’ periods.

Out of my own frustration and empathy, I developed a system of core foundations, together with individual lifestyle changes to each person’s situation, which dramatically improved the pregnancy rate of the couples I was seeing.

Within weeks of passing on this information, my patients began to fall pregnant.

I noticed that these small lifestyle changes, even without any other intervention, made a dramatic difference.

I must stress at this point that the success of the information is not dependant on any other treatment. These are easy and inexpensive lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve your fertility and therefore help you become pregnant and stay pregnant throughout your term.

What I discovered was that Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture, or Western Medicine such as IVF alone CAN be very successful, however by TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR OWN FERTILITY becoming pregnant can be easier than you may have experienced.

I have compiled this information in

Easy to understand language
Easy to follow steps
Easily accessible advice that does not require any expensive or complicated treatment or regimes
How to Improve Your Fertility How to Improve Your Fertility, will educate you on all aspects of male and female fertility, from both a Western and Eastern perspective, combining the two theories, giving you a clearer picture of your own health and fertility.

It will then guide you through understanding what may be holding back your fertility and show you how to correct it in easy to understand steps.

This information will improve your chances of getting pregnant with or without any other intervention.

The Benefits You Will Gain

Learn the foundations of reproduction and conception for both YOU and YOUR partner from both a Western and Eastern viewpoint
Learn how to track YOUR menstrual cycle and KNOW when and how well you are ovulating
Understand what ISSUES could be holding back YOUR fertility
Know when your BEST time is to conceive
Take control of YOUR health to MAXIMISE your fertility
Discover the BEST foods for YOUR fertility
Identify the WORST foods for YOUR fertility
Which vitamins & minerals are crucial for CREATING LIFE
Identify key areas in YOUR life that may be reducing YOUR chances of becoming pregnant
Learn what YOU can do to improve the SUCCESS rate of assisted fertility techniques (IVF, IUI etc)
Plus much more fantastic information……

Even if you or your partner
have been diagnosed with

Secondary Infertility
Hormone Issues
Ovulatory Issues
Cervical Secretion Issues
Poor Egg Quality
Poor Sperm Quality
Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)
Uterine Fibroids
Have a History of Miscarriages
Plus many more fertility related pitfalls


The information within the ebook can help you get pregnant and in many cases permanently resolve the issues.

Additional life improving benefits

Premenstrual Tension (PMT) can disappear
No more painful periods
Regulate your menstrual cycles
More energy
Less bloating
Weight loss if overweight
Weight gain if underweight
Plus many more symptoms you may have not related to your fertility!

From my experience, I believe that you can get pregnant within 1 - 3 menstrual cycles.

If for whatever reason you do not, you will be in a significantly healthy and better position to get pregnant naturally or with any other intervention, than if you did not commit to these simple changes.

Real Life stories




What I am NOT going to tell you

I am NOT going to tell you that you need to see an Acupuncturist or Physician of Chinese Medicine
I am NOT going to recommend any drugs
I am NOT going to suggest anything that will cause side effects
I am NOT going to suggest anything that you cannot get hold of easily and inexpensively

If you have bought books online in the past and think this is just another collection of regurgitated information or advice to ‘go and see a professional’, then I’m sorry……....…. I hope you got your money back.

Remember, you are an individual. That is why a lot of advice out there by people who have had fertility issues won’t work for everyone. You may be lucky and what worked for that individual may work for you which is FANTASTIC , but the reality is, it is YOU NOT THEM and you need to address YOUR issues, NOT THEIRS!


If that’s not enough

I have some Gifts for YOU when you purchase How to Improve Your Fertility



How to Improve Your Fertility - Journal
Although I believe that the information I am offering makes perfect sense and it is easy to implement in your own life. I appreciate that there is a lot of NEW information and this can be overwhelming to digest.

Therefore, I’ve designed a Journal for you to fill in while you work through the book. This isn’t just a document of lined pages. It’s a carefully laid out companion to the book which follows each section logically and allow you to ‘chunk’ down the information and condense the information that is relevant to YOU.

This makes the daunting aspect of a 100+ page book crammed full of new information much more personal and accessible to YOU. Therefore you are more likely to stick to the plan….. and GET PREGNANT!

But wait, that’s not all.

I am confident that everything you need to help you to move towards becoming pregnant is in this book. Therefore, I’m going to give you two more bonuses that you may need over the coming months when you ARE pregnant.

How to Relieve Nausea During Pregnancy
This is an easy to follow guide on dealing with morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy. The guide offers dietary and lifestyle advice on eliminating nausea together with the Acupressure points which really work!
How to use Acupressure to help childbirth
This is a photographic guide to locating and using Acupressure points to help you through pregnancy and labour

Pain relief during labour
Inducing Labour
Correcting the position of the baby
Plus more

Once again, just like How to Improve Your Fertility, these books have been written personally by me, a qualified Physician of Chinese Medicine and are not generic downloadable freebies found online. They are the same information that you would receive if you were my personal patient.

Additional Bonus......

Due to this information being in digital format rather than bulky paperbacks, you can store and view ALL of the information on your......

iphone/Android Smartphone ipad/Tablet Many Mp3 Players
iphone ipad ipad nano

Read on the move and have easy access to all of the information
at all times!


It is likely that through your own questions and my own clinical experiences, I may add additional information to the books from time to time.

I would therefore like you to have as much information as is available and will offer the most recent editions to you if required after purchase.

That's FREE LIFETIME updates!

Ok, so how much is this all of this information?

My whole system is available On Special Offer For Just
($12 USD / €9 EURO)*

You would pay A LOT MORE than that
on just one consultation with
a professional health care practitioner!

* The price quoted is in British Pounds (with equivalent USD and Euros in brackets). The USD or Euros price may change subject to current exchange rates. The current price is shown above. PayPal accepts payments in a wide range of currencies and will perform the conversion to US Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros for you.

I give this information to my own patients and their success becomes personal to me. I love my work. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people.

I may have to remove this offer in the future or revise the package or price if it doesn't quite cover my online expenses but for now I want you to know what I tell my valued private patientsto help improve your fertility.


Try it RISK
100% Guaranteed !

I want you to be happy and I’m confident that you will be satisfied with what you receive and the results it can give you. I’m so confident that if for any reason you are not happy, please contact me within 60 days and I will offer you a full refund.

Why do I offer this? .....

I offer this because I know it works. I have seen the week by week positive changes that it has helped make in people’s lives.


Act Now!

The quicker you start taking control of your own health and fertility, the quicker you can get pregnant.

Purchasing is easy. As it’s a digital product you can receive your purchase almost immediately after payment.

It’s safe, secure and reliable through PayPal. You do not even need a Paypal account, they accept all major credit and debit cards and you can even use Paypal to take money directly from your bank without a card.

This introductory price and package could change at any time as I may only be able to support so many people on a personal level at any one time.

What You Will Receive

How to Take Control of Your Fertility - A Positive Approach to Becoming Pregnant
How to Take Control of Your Fertility – Journal
How to Relieve Nausea During Pregnancy
Acupressure During Pregnancy
Instant Access
iphone/Android Smartphone, ipad/tablet & most mp3 player compatibility
Free lifetime edition updates
60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Why choose this book over any other?

Written by a qualified Physician of Chinese Medicine
Easy to implement advice
Simple, easy to understand language
Clinically used
Clinically proven
Feel the benefits within weeks
Risk free 60 day money back guarantee

Even committing to one small change over the next 90 days will improve your fertility and improve your chances of becoming pregnant…….. AND it's RISK FREE!

I wish you an abundance of positivity and hope you achieve your dream of having a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Best Wishes

Ben Haugh
BSc(Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine
MSc(Hons) Chinese Herbal Medicine


If you are still hesitating about purchasing this risk free book, please email me with your specific questions.

The email is support@increasingmyfertility.com

I can guarantee that this information is easy to implement and does not require you to pay for anybody else’s time or their additional products.

It's about YOU taking control and moving forward towards your dreams.

Are you ready to take action? ....

Be positive ………...Take control and.......
Improve Your Fertility.

NOTE: How to Improve Your Fertility and the bonuses are digital ebooks and NOT a physical product that is shipped. You will get instant access to your ebooks to print or read on your computer/reading device. The ebooks are in pdf format and can be viewed with adobe acrobat program on a PC or Mac. If you do not have adobe acrobat reader software on your computer, it can be downloaded for FREE. Details will be given when you receive your products.

I take your privacy very seriously.
Your information is never sold or shared.