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    Acupuncture Increases Fertility and Pregnancy Rates

    Posted by on May 27, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Research is further demonstrating that Acupuncture increases fertility and pregnancy rates, increasing ovulation. The latest study to be published in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology shows that Acupuncture combined with ovulation inducing drugs clomiphene (clomifert, clomid) showed greater results than the ovulation drug used alone. Google+

    Would You Make Lifestyle Changes During IVF?

    Posted by on January 29, 2012 at 10:43 am

    During IVF (in vitro fertilization) it seems many woman may not be changing their lifestyles to give themselves the best possible chances of success. A study by Harvard University has suggested that there could be a lack of advice offered to women to moderate or avoid activities such as smoking, drinking, exercise and taking certain [...]

    Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for IVF Success

    Posted by on January 20, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for IVF success and improving fertility continues to show good results in clinical trials. In several recently published studies into Acupuncture for IVF success and fertility, combining traditional Chinese medicine and a Western treatment results in a significant increase in fertility in women hoping to become pregnant. Incoming search terms:chinese acupunctureGoogle+