Ways To Improve Female Egg Health For Pregnancy

The health of the ovaries and quality of eggs produced determine the fertility of a woman and the ability to get pregnant. Given below are a few tips on how you can improve egg quality.

Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes

Cigarettes have never been good for health moreover accelerate egg loss in ovaries. Chemicals present in cigarettes mutate the DNA of the egg ending up making it useless for conception. Alcohol is known to reduce your sex drive, egg quality, and menstrual cycle.

Manage stress

Stress is not healthy as it produces hormones such as cortisol and prolactin which can hamper ovulation and egg production. So avoid handling excessive stress and focus your energy on positive thoughts and activities such as yoga, dancing, swimming, etc. Evaluate your lifestyle and make necessary changes to eradicate stress.

Healthy diet

A natural remedy for fertile egg health in women is digesting a diet rich in leafy vegetables, nuts, fish and fresh fruits. It not only keeps the eggs healthy but increases fertility as well. Remember to stay away from processed food, fried food, and excessive salt or sugar.

Achieve a healthy and normal BMI or Body Mass Index

Obesity and excessive fat present in the body can lead to fertility issues as it disrupts ovulation and alters hormonal balance. A woman should have an ideal BMI between 18.5-24.9.  So, tend to maintain a healthy weight by exercising and eating the right food.

Blood circulation

For the ovaries to function well, a healthy flow of blood to the reproductive organs is needed as oxygen-rich blood aids in healthy production of eggs. Remember to drink sufficient amount of water as dehydration can decrease blood flow. Yoga is a recommended exercise to boost fertility as performing certain poses such as the lotus pose, child pose, reclining hero and seated forward bend positions increase blood circulation and fertility.


Take supplements

Vitamin supplements are advised to increase fertility. Women trying to get pregnant are advised to take folic acid supplements before pregnancy and after. A visit to the gynecologist is recommended to get a better idea of supplements suited for you. Coenzyme Q10 is an often recommended supplement which serves as an antioxidant.

Freeze your eggs

Women who want to focus on their career and don’t have time for having children are provided with the option of delayed conception and ensuring fertility which will become difficult later by freezing eggs now. There is no doubt age affects fertility and chances to conceive. Frozen eggs defy such biological clock as cryopreserved eggs boost your chances of getting pregnant in the future.


This ancient Chinese technique is beneficial in improving egg quality as it reduces stress and thereby stimulating healthy production of eggs. Patients undergoing IVF tend to go for acupuncture.

Post Author: Corey Carroll