Surprising Health Benefits Of Banana

They help with digestion

Studies have indicated that consuming a banana can help deal with stomach pains and a bloated belly. Since they are rich in fiber, it helps promote a harmonious gut function while easing the symptoms of bowel conditions such as IBS. According to Ayurveda, the balance between the sour and sweet tastes of the fleshy fruit is said to bring out a sense of heaviness while stimulating the essential flow of Agni or digestive juices. They are a fantastic hangover cure as they help restore regular bowel function after a night of alcoholic, sugary drinks. They help replenish essential electrolytes and rich in potassium.

They are an instant energy booster

Toss away and forget about sugary sports drinks and caffeine filled coffees. It is a hidden secret that bananas are the healthiest way to gain energy on a gloomy Monday morning. This is because they contain three natural occurring sugars which are fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Moreover, it is a fat and cholesterol free source of energy. Quite simply whizz them up for a shake in the morning or instead pack one in your sports bag for luscious post work out.

They keep your heart healthy

Did you know that starchy flesh located inside is rich in potassium, a vital mineral necessary for a healthy heart? A potassium-rich diet can help lower blood pressure and studies indicate that people who intake a potassium-rich food have a 27 percent lower risk of heart disease. It is a fact that a single banana contains a whopping 425 mg of potassium.

They are good for your eyes

Good news for short-sighted fans is that banana like carrots and pumpkins are packed with carotenoids and antioxidant compounds along with a potent mix of minerals which possess serious positive effects on the health of your eyes. Regular intake of banana is proven to decrease macular degeneration, night blindness, cataracts, and glaucoma.

They help with weight loss

In addition to its vast array of benefits is the extra advantage of weight loss the fruit possesses. The weight loss friendly fruit contains very minimal calories, around 100 calories per banana. They are very nutritious and are quite filling. Consuming bananas on the unripened end of the spectrum are packed with resistant starch which has been shown to have an appetite reducing effects while increasing the feeling of fullness after meals.

Post Author: Corey Carroll